About SDT

Simply Digital Technologies is the result of many years of work in electronics, electrical systems, computing systems and software.

The journey began when the founder enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corp and was selected for Aviation Electronics and Electrical Systems training. The initial schools included everything from printed circuit boards and digital components to complete aircraft systems on jets and helicopters. Additional training in cyphers and encryption methods for secure radio transmissions led to studying Computer Science and Business Management at Angelo State University.

A few years of working for two software development companies and a national manufacturer provided experience on several hardware platforms, operating systems, wide area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs). This led to becoming a consultant/contractor/developer. The projects we worked included hardware platforms from IBM, NCR, DEC, Honeywell, HP, TI Business Systems, and several PC manufacturers. The software services provided were in the manufacturing, banking, insurance and retail industries. During this time we served several Fortune 500 companies and many small and medium businesses.

The Internet came along and changed the wide area networking world, and the software world. We began adapting in the early 1990's. In late 1997 we moved from our previous proprietary systems services to 'open systems' services when we opened our Internet Services Provider datacenter. We provided dial-up and dedicated Internet Access, site design/development/hosting, co-location and consulting services.

In early 2003 we began leasing dedicated servers in carrier class datacenters in Dallas and Houston Texas and shuttered our datacenter. This greatly reduced our operating overhead and allowed us to focus on design, development, hosting and supporting client websites. We dropped all proprietary platforms and now use only open source, Internet Standards compatible platforms and software to deliver our clients needs.

We use this wealth of experience to provide enterprise class websites and services to our clients. We can provide these services at a lesser cost compared to large service agencies and/or advertising agencies because we chose to be a small business. With less overhead and bureaucracy we can serve the SMB business with Experience, Expertise and Integrity at a reasonable cost, in a resonable timeframe.